Bravo, Nike.

Earlier today, a story came across my newsfeed on Facebook about a new shoe technology that Nike is releasing – Flyease.  This innovation allows people with physical limitations to more easily put on their shoes, giving them independence to do a task that so many of us don’t even think twice about doing every day.

The article and video (below) go into detail about how the need for this type of technology was brought to their attention. A teenager named Matthew Walzer who has cerebral palsy wrote to Nike several years ago asking if they could help. He was tired of having to ask his parents or his friends to put on, take off, and tie his shoes.  Over the next few years, Nike worked directly with Matthew to develop and test what would eventually become the Flyease technology.  The structure of the shoe and how it works is fascinating to me.  Genius, really.

But what’s even more amazing is how the simple act of a teenager writing to a global billion dollar company – and being persistent with his question – has led to technology that will help an immeasurable amount of people.

Bravo, Nike.  And Bravo, Matthew 🙂


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