Why I Love Peyton Manning – vol. 1

Peyton Manning is one of my favorite football players.

Aside from being a badass NFL-er and one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, he’s just an overall really decent human being.  He made an impact on the Indianapolis community from the moment he signed with the Colts back in 1998, when I was just 14 years old.  Even though he is no longer technically an Indianapolis Colt, he will always have a special place in the hearts of people in my city.  There’s a reason that in most sporting goods stores in the area carry Denver Bronco gear, too 🙂

Journalist Bob Kravitz, former sports reporter and columnist of The Indianapolis Star, recently reflected on Manning’s outreach to the Chattanooga community, citing that it’s one of MANY stories of his generous spirit and care for people who are in need.  It’s a great glimpse into a different side of Peyton Manning, one that is sometimes overlooked.  Definitely worth reading!


(Note, this is labeled ‘vol. 1’ because I’m SURE there will be other “gosh I love Peyton” moments to share in the future.)




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