Genius. Pure Genius.

Music Monday…on a Tuesday.  Life happens, right?  Better late than never 🙂

Have you seen this yet??  Someone took Mark Ronson’s song “Uptown Funk”, found movie clips for all the words in the song, and made a new video.  This is genius…pure genius.  How creative does a person have to be to come up with something like this, then execute it??  Kudos to YouTube user dondrapersayswhat.

Per the description on YouTube, the video features clips from 280 movies and took 3 months to produce.  The movies used span a HUGE range.  Everything from older movies made decades ago like An Affair to Remember, The Breakfast Club,  and Star Wars  to newer films such as Last Vegas, Ted, and The A-Team. One of the clips that made me giggle is Ham from the movie The Sandlot saying “C’MON!” 🙂

YouTube link is below along with the original video.  Be entertained and in awe with the first, and then get your groove on with the second.  Make it a great day!






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