Wednesday Words!  I saw this on Pinterest recently, and it made me reflect on all of the relationships I have in my life.









I think this appropriate for any number of relationships – significant others, friends, family members, colleagues…people who have been around since you were born, those you grew up with, newer people you meet as you cross into major life changes like going to college, first jobs, etc.

People will always come and go in your life.  Some stay for a long time – even for a lifetime – while others will be around only for a few days, months, years.  People evolve as life evolves.  Change happens.  Growing apart happens.  It’s completely natural.

I struggled with this for a long time.  Change can be difficult for me, especially when it comes to friends and family.  But at some point, you simply just have to let it go.  (cue Idina Menzel’s voice here)

To quote my mom, “c’est la vie”.  Translation?  That’s life.  Those who are meant to stay in your circle as someone you have a close bond with will, and others will fade.  It happens.  The sooner you accept it, the better.  Otherwise you’ll be sad and frustrated…tired of hearing the word ‘no’ when trying to make plans and almost feeling a twinge of rejection…wondering often ‘what in the world has happened to us’…and thinking ‘how much longer should I even try?’  This mindset isn’t good.  Been there, done that, and realized it wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Instead, cherish the memories, fun stories, and good times with those folks who are fading or are gone, and SMILE.

Then go spend time with and enjoy the people in your life right now.  Live in the present.  Life is too damn short to do anything else.  Because what I’ve realized over time is…

Relationships can’t be forced, no matter how long or how hard you try.

BUT…I love the reminder of the image above -no matter where life takes you and how things change, your roots will always be tangled 🙂





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