We Need More Stories Like This.

Happy Friday Eve y’all 🙂

Over the past few years, there have been several widely-known events in which police officers were shown/portrayed in a negative fashion.  Having several friends who are in law enforcement has sparked interesting discussions and provided a different perspective than what’s in the media.

The story in the link below has gone viral over the past couple of days, and I love it.  A gentleman from Arizona details a recent traffic stop in which he was pulled over by a Tucson police officer.  It’s an honest and insightful account of what happens many times every day in the world of law enforcement.


It’s human nature to sometimes focus too much on the bad rather than the good.  Often times, people are far louder about sharing news about the negative rather than the positive, not only when it comes to police officers, but just with life in general.

Thank you, Steven Hildreth Jr., for sharing your experience.  We need more stories like this 🙂






Wednesday Words…a few hours late on a Thursday 😉

This sentiment is so true. I’m thankful beyond words for the handful of people in my life who don’t use “being busy” as an excuse. We’re ALL busy, folks. You take time to see the people you love, those who need you, and those who you need.


Life is too short to do otherwise. Make some memories and make it count 🙂