Wednesday Words – The Darker the Road, The Brighter the Light

My cousin Tyler was in a horrific accident in New Zealand in April 2014.  He had to be cut out of the car he was in and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of the crash.  Nine out of ten people who suffer the type of TBI that he did are in a lifelong coma, but miraculously (and through a LOT of prayers, positive vibes, and good thoughts), he beat those odds when quite frankly he probably shouldn’t have survived.

Since the crash, he’s been spreading awareness for TBIs, raising funds for research through various adventures, and spreading his message of perseverance, hope, determination, and moving forward.  He’s truly been living, and I don’t have the words to accurately describe how thankful my family is that he’s still around and how proud of him we are.

He was asked to do a TED Talk at the University of Kentucky late last year, and the footage has recently been uploaded to YouTube. He talks about his injury, rehab, and a fundraising hike of the Pacific Crest Trail he completed in the fall.

Watch the short video below to hear his story.




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