Dunk City – Some Of My Fave IU Basketball Moments

So, we’ve already established that I love music.  One of my other loves is Indiana University basketball.

I’ve been an IU fan since I was in the womb and went on to be a fourth generation Hoosier graduate.  The beautiful campus and all it has to offer feels like a second hometown to me.  I never even applied to any other universities during my senior year of high school.

Two days ago, #13 IU beat #3 North Carolina at Assembly Hall.  My parents were lucky enough to be at the game, and it looked like an amazing atmosphere.  One of the highlights of the game for me was OG Anunoby’s alley-oop dunk from Josh Newkirk.  I freaked 🙂  (One of the differences between my husband and I…when a highlight-worthy sports play happens, he tends to do a Tiger Woods-esqe fist pump and a simple “YES!”…I am not so subtle.)

After calming down, I started thinking of some of the other monumental dunks I’ve seen over the years from my beloved IU basketball teams.

Here are a few of my favorites:

(And to head off any doubters, I did not Google ‘best IU dunks’…these were all in my memory…I’m not one of those girls who says they’re a sports fan but is really only doing it for show.  And no offense to those who are – you do you.)

Tom Pritchard, IU vs Minnesota, February 2011

Marco Killingsworth, IU vs Duke, December 2005 (I actually saw this one LIVE 😀  Fast forward to about the 1:10 minute mark in the vide0.)

Victor Oladipo, IU vs Michigan, February 2013 (so yes, technically he didn’t make this dunk…but the anticipation and attempt was enough to count in my mind 🙂 )




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