Dude, Be Nice.

I don’t know a lot about the Dude Be Nice folks/project, but I came across a video they produced a few months back and L-O-V-E-D it.  They helped a group of students at a high school out in California say thank you in a very unique way to their School Resource Officer (SRO), Officer Mitch.

From my understanding, SROs are police officers who work in schools to provide not only provide security and law enforcement but also serve as informal counselors, mentors, educators, emergency responders, and someone to act as a positive influence towards the kids.  It is such an important role, especially considering recent events here in the US.

The video shows how the students expressed their appreciation to Officer Mitch and talked about ways he helped the students.  As one example, one student explained that he struggled with anger problems,so Officer Mitch helped him by talking with him and working out with him in the school’s weight room.  He knew that exercising could be a stress reliever for the student and help him deal with his anger in a more positive way,

Side note – this guy, Officer Mitch, is funny, too.  He says in the video, “I promised myself two things when I became a police officer – not to be a jerk and not to let myself get fat.” 🙂

(insert all the jokes about cops and donuts here)

It really is a wonderful video.  It will warm your heart and show a side of law enforcement that many people may not know about.



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