When In Doubt, Reach Out

(cheesy rhyme, I know ūüôā )

It’s easy to forget – or not realize – how much a kind word or action can mean to someone.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since you’ve spoken to someone or heck, with technology these days, if you even know them.

If you feel the urge to reach out, go ahead and do it. ¬†Even if you’re not sure if you should, or you don’t know how it will be received, do it anyway. ¬†I can pretty much guarantee it will be appreciated in one way or another.

Kindness matters.  Kindness is important.  And kindness will always matter and be important.

Here’s an example…. ¬†There’s a gal I went to high school with that has been struggling with starting a family for the past few years. ¬†We were never really close, but we always exchanged a hello and a smile when we passed in the hall or had a class together. ¬†She’s shared her experiences publicly on Facebook, and while I don’t honestly remember what finally made me think, “gosh, I want to send her a message and let her know I’m thinking about her and praying for her”, I did it.

Even though we hadn’t talked probably since high school and had only communicated by really ‘liking’ each others posts and such on social media. ¬†Even though I knew nothing about their situation besides what was on Facebook. ¬†Even though I thought for a second, “Is this okay to do? ¬†Will this be received well? ¬†Will be be uncomfortable for her?”

Despite all these questions in my mind, I did it, and I’m SO GLAD I did. ¬†She told me that the messages she’s receiving from everyone that’s reached out were carrying her through moments when she didn’t feel she could go on. ¬†By sending a simple note letting her know I was thinking of her and appreciated her sharing her story.

Simple words and actions can have a big impact, people.  Never forget that.

We’ve exchanged several messages back and forth¬†since last summer, and I’m so glad we’ve reconnected a bit. ¬†After losing several pregnancies in a very short amount of time, she and her husband conceived naturally and are expecting their rainbow baby! ¬†I am so happy for that sweet little boy. ¬†He will be so very loved and already has the greatest parents.

She had been asked by several friends and supporters if there was a registry or wish list she could share for people who wanted to donate or purchase gifts, and I took a glance at it one day. ¬†I noticed that there were quite a few safari/animal themed items on the list, and the itch to reach out hit me again ūüôā

You see, just a few weeks prior to seeing that list, my husband had returned from safari in Africa.  He and his business partner got some AMAZING photographs of elephants, so I thought it might be cool to see if she wanted a couple prints to possibly use in some way for the baby.


I sent her a note, and she was so excited! ¬†She and her husband were wanting his nursery to be filled with people who were praying for their little boy. ¬†So I printed a couple photos and mailed them to her. ¬†It took only a few moments of time and a couple bucks to mail, but they ended up meaning so much to her and her husband that they had them framed and are on the wall in the baby’s room. ¬†(Which, when she told me this, I found to be a HUGE honor and promptly started bawling.)

I share this story not to say, “hey, look what I did”. ¬†That’s not my style and never will be.

Rather, I share this story to simply provide an example that small actions can mean the world to people, even if it’s been years and years since you’ve spoken or seen them.

If something in your gut is urging you to reach out to someone, do it. ¬†You may or may not know the full impact it will have on that person, but it. will. mean.¬†something. ¬†It could simply brighten someone’s day, or in some extreme circumstances it could end up saving them from harm.

Spread the happy, the kindness, and the love, folks.  Always.








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