Fiona the Baby Hippo

Who doesn’t love cute baby animals??

Back on January 24, 2017, there was a baby Nile hippopotamus named Fiona born at the Cincinnati Zoo.  She entered the world six weeks too early and about half as big as a typical newborn hippo should be.  Because she was too small and too weak to nurse, zoo staffers had to intervene and start hand rearing the baby hippo, something that no other zoo had done.

She’s had her ups and downs in her short life, but as of earlier this week, Fiona is over one hundred pounds, eating hay and grains in addition to a special hippo formula, and no longer on supplemental oxygen!

How do I know this?  The Cincinnati Zoo has been documenting Fiona’s journey on their Instagram page and blog 😀

Seriously – it’s a-DORable.  Go look at the Insta page now.  Like right now.

Or just google “Fiona the hippo” and you’ll find hundreds of articles from various news sources.  Some of my favorites are:

Oh how I wish I could be one of the zookeepers who gets to snuggle Fiona 🙂

Look how cute!!!

Baby Fiona


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