Love & Disney Movies

Disney movies – gotta love ’em, right?  🙂

While I’m not a super girly girl who had princess dreams or fantasies growing up (that I remember), I am kind of a sap when it comes to sweet love stories and happy endings.

(Okay…there’s no ‘kind of’ about it.  I love them.  A lot.  Like, giddy clapping, “awwww”, big goofy smile love them.)

I saw this graphic over the weekend and couldn’t help but grin 🙂  I hope you like!

disney taught us about love




Sucker for Sunrises

…and sunsets, too 🙂

I always find myself reflecting in the beauty around me when I see a really good sunrise or sunset.  It’s like the world slows down and becomes more tranquil or peaceful.  They’re calming to me, in a way.  And they make me happy 🙂

Here’s one of the best beach sunrises e-v-e-r, taken from my hotel balcony in Cancun last year.

Make it a great day, folks!



Hump Daaaaaaaay, Yeah

Launched in May 2013, Geico’s Hump Day commercial is probably one of the most popular commercials of the decade.

Seriously, it’s four years later and you can almost ALWAYS count on someone referencing the ad when the words “hump day” are uttered in any context 🙂

(mike, mike, mike, mike, mike)

Just in case anyone’s been living under a rock for the last few years – kidding, kidding…kind of 😉 – here’s the commercial.


And, BONUS, here’s a short three-minute news story CBS News produced on the success of the commercial and it’s star, Caleb the Camel.  (Who knew – his name was Caleb??)





Ludacris & the Llama

A few weeks ago, rapper and movie star Ludacris had an appearance on radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles.  I have no idea how the topic came up (maybe talking about his kids?), but he ended up rapping part of the popular children’s book Llama Llama Red Pajama.  I’d be willing to bet that most of you who have kiddos, nieces/nephews, friends with kids, etc have heard of this book before.


The short video clip is kinda awesome 🙂  I find it hysterical to hear the same voice that performs songs such as “How Low”, “Roll Out”, and “Move B***h” rapping a children’s book.  Admittedly, it takes a bit of a left turn at the end, LOL – beware.




Too Many Tabs Open

Good LAWD, if this hasn’t been the truth all dang week.  Shoot, my brain is tired.  All in all, things turned out just fine. But dang, there was an awful lot of heavy thinking 🙂

In the words of Rihanna, “Cheers to the freakin’ weekend”, y’all 😀 May you have far fewer tabs open over the next couple days than you might have earlier this week. 


Behind the Tiara, Vol 1

Who doesn’t love a good little get-to-know-you game of Q&A? 🙂

I thought I’d share a little insight into ME – go ‘behind the tiara’, if you will.

(Yes, I know a more appropriate title might be beneath the tiara, since tiaras sit on your head.  But it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

I’m gonna start answering a random set of questions each week so you fabulous people can get to know me better.  If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, use the comment box below!

  1. Favorite color?  Blue.  All shades of it.
  2. Mottos or quotes I live by?  Oh gosh.  I have lots.  Here are a few at the top of the list.
    • “C’est la vie.”  (translation? ‘that’s life’)
    • “If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”
    • “Actions always speak louder than words.”
    • “Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.”
    • “Collect moments, not things.”
  3. College and major?  Indiana University, B.A. in Journalism, minors in Marketing, Spanish, and Psychology
  4. Favorite family tradition?  We went to the Outer Banks every summer growing up and rented a big house on the beach where my entire dad’s side of the family would stay for a week.  It was amazing.  So many happy memories in the OBX!
  5. Furthest I’ve been from home?  Ecuador, Italy, Hawaii
  6. Weirdest things I’ve ever eaten?  Wild boar, frog legs, and a watermelon gazpacho shooter with chili oil (it was INSANELY good)
  7. Candy that describes your personality, and why?  SweetTarts.  I’m a kind, sweet person at heart, but I for sure have a sassy side too 😉
  8. Beer or wine?  Neither – I would choose a mixed drink that has a base of tequila, rum, or vodka.
  9. Dream vacation?  Anywhere in the Pacific where I can stay in a hut over the water 🙂
  10. First concert I ever went to?  Either Paul Simon or Melissa Etheridge.  Both were with my family when I was a kid, and I don’t remember which came first.

So there you go!  Again, share ideas for questions if you have ’em.  Until next time!



Let Go. Or…

…be dragged. 

I don’t know the origin of this (if it’s really an “American Proverb”), but it was on a mini wall calendar a few years back and resonated with me. 

It kinda reminds me of another quote I like – If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. 

It’s not uncommon to let things bother you over and over again or let something fester, whether they be little things or big things. 

But if we can’t let things go – especially those for which we can’t do anything about – it will just weigh us down.  And that certainly doesn’t solve anything.  You gotta do you, but I can’t imagine it’s a very happy place, to be constantly bogged down by things that are in the past or can’t be changed or that you have zero control over. So in the words of Elsa, “Let it goooooo.” 🎶 

(My close friends are probably laughing at the irony that I’m saying these words…as someone who worries and at times has trouble just relaxing and letting go.  I’m a “fixer” and reeeeally like resolution.  But hey, I’m self-aware and I try to be better about it, and that’s what counts, right? 😊 )