Being a Godparent

While I myself don’t have children, I have a pretty dang awesome godson.  I call him Squeaks 🙂

(When I met him for the first time in the hospital at just a few hours old, his “crying” was more like squeaking.  And so, I dubbed him Squeaks.)

He’s two years old TODAY.  I can’t believe it!  Time is going faster and faster as more years go by.

When I was sharing a story about him recently, I got some questions about what exactly my role is as godparent.  In the Catholic Church, being a godparent is centered around helping a newly baptized child or adult in their spiritual life.  There’s no formal checklist of tasks that a godparent must do (but I do like this article’s suggestions), and the relationship can look different from person to person when you get outside of the fundamental core of helping them grow in their faith.

(Note, a common misconception is that being a godparent and being a guardian for a child (should something happen to the parents) are the same thing.  They certainly can be but don’t have to be.  Being a godparent is a church thing; being a guardian is a legal thing.)

From my point of view, the greatest thing my husband and I can do as godparents is lead by example and support him as he grows up in whatever way he needs.  We’re going to chase balloons and bubbles around the house and have dance parties, and we’re going to call him out when he’s defying something his mom and dad said.  (The first time this happened was hysterical.  It was last fall when he was about 18 months old, and when we busted him for doing something he was just told specifically NOT to do by his mom, the look on his face was, “oh crap, these people are watching me too?!”)  We’re going to celebrate his successes and help him learn and bounce back after he makes mistakes.  We’ll encourage, mentor, guide, discipline, and teach…and I’m pretty sure we’ll learn some things ourselves along the way 😉

Checking out the elephants during his birthday trip to the zoo today!


It’s a big responsibility but also a HUGE privilege to be asked to serve such an important role in a kiddo’s life as a godparent 🙂

Squeaks, we love you buddy!

– Aunt ‘Teph



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