How Will I Know

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure before a family wedding.  I was reading a magazine and only kinda hearing the music that was on in the background, but about fifteen minutes in, I put my book down and started really listening.

See, something in my brain triggered that the lyrics flowing into my ears weren’t matching the melody that I knew belonged with those words.  Turns out that it was a Sam Smith cover of Whitney Houston’s hit “How Will I Know” – but a suuuuuper slow and soulful version of it.


I mean, besides the fact that he has an incredible voice that just begs you to listen, I couldn’t remember hearing a song turned on its head like that.  I’m not talking about the live or unplugged versions of songs, but to use his words from a Rolling Stone article, “I love the juxtaposition of a melancholy lyric with an upbeat sound. People forget that’s how she rose to fame. The more mature Whitney, like ‘I Will Always Love You,’ came later.”

I’m still in awe almost 24 hours later.  Seriously, take a couple minutes and check it out below.  It’s an absolutely beautiful rendition.

And HELLO, that voice with just a piano backing him up?  Swoon 😀

(And yes, I know this was released almost three years ago, but I swear the first time I heard it was yesterday.  Guess I gotta stay on top of music things a bit better 😉 )




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