Rise Up

Hello again, blogosphere 🙂

What a few months it’s been!  I hope you all enjoyed the end of the summer and are starting to feel the wonderful fall weather.

When I saw this video a couple days ago, I knew it was the perfect re-entry into Tiaraland.  Andra Day’s song “Rise Up” has long been one of my favorites for some very personal reasons.  But to hear a middle-school choir singing this song at a time where many communities, individuals, and heck even entire nations are hurting was crazy powerful.  Whether it’s natural disasters, political distress, personal challenges, or family hardships, I think one of the kiddo’s fathers put it best in this article from the Washington Post:

“This song, it resonates so much because of the times we’re in right now,” he said. “There’s a lot of pain going on. … When you have a group of kids, innocent kids singing ‘Rise Up,’ the message is mind blowing, how such a simple phrase can impact so many people. … The kids are trying to show us there’s another way than what we’re experiencing.”   

Check out the video below to hear these powerful voices.  And consider having a tissue or two ready.  Because, all the freaking feels.

And oh by the way, this was only their second rehearsal of the school year.  Let that sink in for just a minute….

Have a lovely day, friends!