Fiona the Baby Hippo

Who doesn’t love cute baby animals??

Back on January 24, 2017, there was a baby Nile hippopotamus named Fiona born at the Cincinnati Zoo.  She entered the world six weeks too early and about half as big as a typical newborn hippo should be.  Because she was too small and too weak to nurse, zoo staffers had to intervene and start hand rearing the baby hippo, something that no other zoo had done.

She’s had her ups and downs in her short life, but as of earlier this week, Fiona is over one hundred pounds, eating hay and grains in addition to a special hippo formula, and no longer on supplemental oxygen!

How do I know this?  The Cincinnati Zoo has been documenting Fiona’s journey on their Instagram page and blog 😀

Seriously – it’s a-DORable.  Go look at the Insta page now.  Like right now.

Or just google “Fiona the hippo” and you’ll find hundreds of articles from various news sources.  Some of my favorites are:

Oh how I wish I could be one of the zookeepers who gets to snuggle Fiona 🙂

Look how cute!!!

Baby Fiona


Love and Stuff

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all 🙂

As I said a couple weeks ago in a post about Valentine’s Day gifts for the ladies in your life, I don’t think Valentine’s Day is a day just for romantic relationships.  It’s also a day to show anyone you love that you care for them.  (And to reiterate, this shouldn’t just be reserved for Valentine’s Day.  You should always let people know you care.  Valentine’s just has some extra fun and sparkle and fun around it.)

Here are some “awwwww”-inducing sayings/quotes in honor of the day where we focus on love and stuff.  Regardless of how or if you’re celebrating today, remember that you ARE loved and DESERVE to be loved! ❤







Valentines Gift Ideas for HER

Yes, yes, I know…some people that think of Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday” and roll their eyes at the whole notion of the day.

If you are one of those folks, rock on.  And perhaps save this post for a birthday or holiday gift guide instead 😉

I myself enjoy Valentine’s Day.  I view it as not just a day for lovers but also a day to show anyone you love that you care for them.  (Of course, this shouldn’t just be reserved for Valentine’s Day.  You should always let people know you care.  Valentine’s just has some extra fun and sparkle and fun around it.)

So, in the spirit of that, here are some of my current favorite things.  Check them out if you have a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, or simply a friend who you want to buy a special something for this Valentine’s Day.

Or heck, buy these things for yourself if you’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day 🙂

UGG Leggings – I got a pair of these for Christmas.  They are A-MAZING.  Seriously.  Best leggings ever.  So warm, so cozy, so comfy.

Sparkly Things – I dig sparkly things 😀  And the Swarovski folks are real good at the sparkly stuff!  They have some free-standing stores throughout the country, but their website is great.

Spa Gift Card – I find it incredibly relaxing to visit a spa and be pampered by a pedicure, massage, facial, etc.  Woodhouse Day Spa has many locations nationwide and is fabulous.

Favorite (insert the blank) – Choose a known favorite of hers – wine/spirits/beer, books, magazine subscription, sweet treat, coffee, sports team gear, etc.  She’ll love it AND bonus, you’ll score some extra points for paying attention 😉

Personalized Photo Gift – Choose a favorite photo of you and your loved one and make it into a fun gift.  Shutterfly has soooo many options to choose from.  I’ve made ornaments, magnets, photo books, and calendars.  There’s also cell phone cases, mouse pads, pillows, and much more!

Lotions or Candles – Bath & Body Works has some of my favorite fragrances for body lotion and candles.  My current favorite body lotion scent is Tahiti Island Dream.  It’s an ultra shea body  cream that is absolutely divine. And as far as candles go, the Eucalyptus Mint is a staple in our house.  Lavender Vanilla is another good one.

Time – There’s no link for this one 🙂  Sometimes the best gift you can get for someone you love is simply the gift of time.  We’re all busy in our own ways.  Make time to be with those you care about.  Have a coffee, watch a movie, go for a walk, see a show, take a spontaneous road trip – whatever you choose.  And really BE there.  Be present.  Avoid the temptations of technology and other distractions.

“All you need is love…”