The Wave

The Iowa Hawkeyes football team started an amazingly touching and fun new tradition this year.  At the end of the first quarter of every football game, 70,000+ fans turn and wave to the patients at the new Stead Family Children’s Hospital that looks over the field.

The Iowa football program was honored recently with The Disney Spirit Award, given annually to college football’s most inspirational figure.  In addition to the coach and one of the players being on-hand to accept the award, there was also one of the patients from the children’s hospital present on the stage.  Kaden spent more than two weeks in the hospital being treated for a tumor in his lung this fall and had the opportunity to experience the wave.

The video below has the original story by ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi in addition to the ceremony where they accept the award.  It’s about 11 minutes long, but it is SO worth it.  Please take a few moments to watch.  And have a few tissues on hand, too 🙂

Make it a great week, y’all.





Happy Places in Social Media

Let’s be frank, shall we? There are lots of pros AND cons to social media.

Personally, I thank my lucky stars I didn’t grow up with it. I can’t imagine being a kid now and dealing with it at such a young age.

Facebook started when I was a sophomore in college, and back then you had to have a .edu email address to sign up. And smartphones weren’t a thing yet.

Fast forward 15 years later…  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and I’m sure many other social media platforms that I don’t even know about dominate literally hours of some people’s days.

I’d say I have a love/hate relationship with all of it, honestly.  There are definite downsides, BUT there are some perks, too.

One such ‘plus’ is that there are a few places on social media you can go that can pretty much guarantee you some happy and probably some laughter as well. Here are a few of my favorite spots for positive, fun, and uplifting stories.  Check out these accounts:

  • Ellen DeGeneres – Facebook and YouTube
  • The Players Tribune
    • I’ve pulled some posts from here before, but it’s a website founded by baseball great Derek Jeter where athletes can share their stories.
  • Upworthy
  • Lifestyle blogger/YouTube star Mallory Ervin – Instagram and YouTube
    • I just love her perspective on life.  She is SUCH a joyful person!  Wonder if she needs a new best friend – HA 🙂
  • Zoo websites – who doesn’t love cute animals??  (Like Fiona the baby hippo!)

Chime in below if YOU have any places you go for a dose of happy!



New Recipe Suggestions!

The New Year’s Countdown continues – day 4!

I did a lot of cooking and baking over the weekend and tried three new recipes.  Each of them turned out pretty dang good, especially the pie.  Definitely recommend trying one or all of them!

Side note – I realize it’s December and this sounds like more of a summer cookout menu, but with the unseasonably warmer weather we’ve been having here in Indiana, it seemed semi-appropriate 😀

Pulled Pork –

The cinnamon may sound weird, but just go with it.  And we dig Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, the Honey Chipotle variety.

Macaroni and Cheese –

I used a blend of sharp and extra sharp cheddar and didn’t add additional spices.  But next time I think I’ll throw some breadcrumbs over the top when I bake it in the oven.

Peach Pie –

This was by far the best find.  It was soooo good!  Passed the test of an 80 year-old gentleman who said peach pie was his favorite type of pie.  Use store-bought crust and jarred peaches – keep it simple, people.

If you try any of these recipes, comment below and let me know what you think!