Warn Us, Zillow

Commercials that can tug at your heartstrings THIS much need to come with a warning.  I mean…seriously.  Grab a tissue before you hit play.  I promise it’s worth it, trust me.

Heart-wrenching and heart-warming all in one 60 second spot.  One of my favorite recent commercials 🙂

Bravo, Zillow.  You nailed what it means to be “home” – having loved ones nearby and keeping the memories alive of those who have gone before us.




Hump Daaaaaaaay, Yeah

Launched in May 2013, Geico’s Hump Day commercial is probably one of the most popular commercials of the decade.

Seriously, it’s four years later and you can almost ALWAYS count on someone referencing the ad when the words “hump day” are uttered in any context 🙂

(mike, mike, mike, mike, mike)

Just in case anyone’s been living under a rock for the last few years – kidding, kidding…kind of 😉 – here’s the commercial.


And, BONUS, here’s a short three-minute news story CBS News produced on the success of the commercial and it’s star, Caleb the Camel.  (Who knew – his name was Caleb??)