Seven Years Ago

I don’t generally follow the NBA, except during this time of year (playoffs and championship). 

After the Cavs won last night, sending LeBron James to his seventh straight NBA finals, I saw this graphic on Instagram. WOWZA. There’s a healthy dose of how quickly times changes 🙂 


Save It For A Rainy Day

As I’ve had the blog for almost a couple weeks now, I finally had some time this past weekend to think about details of this site…things like theme days, a routine of what days/what times to post, do I like how it’s set up visually, how much personal info or photos to share, etc.

Fun fact about me if you don’t know me personally – I am a creature of habit, I like my routines, and I LOVE to be organized.  Have been since I was a toddler, according to my parents.  Heck, before I started kindergarten, I asked them for my very own alarm clock so I could wake myself up for school…at age just-turned-5.

For now, I’ve decided on three theme days – Music Mondays, Wednesday Words, and Friday Funnies.

  • Music Mondays – Videos or songs that I find particularly fun
  • Wednesday Words – Inspirational speeches, quotes, or lyrics
    • I realize this may overlap slightly with Music Monday if I use lyrics, but my blog my rules 😉
  • Friday Funnies – Stories, photos, tweets, etc that make me LOL.

To kick this new schedule off, I would like to welcome you to the first installment of Music Mondays!

When my husband and I are hanging out at home on a weekend morning, often we will have a television station like CMT or VH1 on in the background for music…something that I remember doing growing up.  Unless it’s football season – then it’s College GameDay or NFL Countdown.  Period.

A couple days ago, we saw the newly-released video for Kenny Chesney’s song, “Save It For A Rainy Day” on CMT.  The song is off his album The Big Revival that debuted in September 2014, but this song was one I hadn’t heard before.  (We are primarily a XM Radio household and LOVE the 90s on 9 and Pop2K stations.  It’s enjoyable to re-live junior high, high school, and college through music 🙂 )

As a chronic over-analyzer and what-if-game-player myself, this is my favorite part of the song:  There’ll be plenty of time for what ifs and why’s / And how’d I let you get away / But the lying in bed all stuck in my head / Is just gonna have to wait.

The message is great, and it’s delivered in a fun, upbeat manner.  It can also be totally applied to other areas of life than just relationships.  In the portion of lyrics above, simply switch out the word ‘you’ for ‘it’, and you can be talking about damn near anything – see?

Enjoy the song, and have a great Monday!



(Embedded video pulled from Kenny Chesney’s VEVO site on YouTube.  Totally his work and words – not mine!)