Save It For A Rainy Day

As I’ve had the blog for almost a couple weeks now, I¬†finally had some time this past weekend to think about details of this site…things like theme days, a routine of what days/what times to post, do I like how it’s set up visually, how much personal info or photos to share, etc.

Fun fact about me if you don’t know me personally – I am a creature of habit, I like my routines, and I LOVE to be organized. ¬†Have been since I was a¬†toddler, according to my parents. ¬†Heck, before I started kindergarten, I asked them for my very own alarm clock so I could wake myself up for school…at age just-turned-5.

For now, I’ve decided on three theme days – Music Mondays, Wednesday Words, and Friday Funnies.

  • Music Mondays – Videos or songs that I find particularly fun
  • Wednesday Words – Inspirational speeches, quotes, or lyrics
    • I realize this may overlap slightly with Music Monday if I use lyrics, but my blog my rules ūüėČ
  • Friday Funnies – Stories, photos, tweets, etc that make me LOL.

To kick this new schedule off, I would like to welcome you to the first installment of Music Mondays!

When my husband and I are hanging out at home on a weekend morning, often we will have a television station like CMT or VH1 on in the background for music…something that I remember doing growing up. ¬†Unless it’s football season – then it’s College GameDay or NFL Countdown. ¬†Period.

A couple days ago, we saw the newly-released video for Kenny Chesney’s song, “Save It For A Rainy Day” on CMT. ¬†The song is off his album The¬†Big Revival¬†that debuted in September 2014, but this song was one I hadn’t heard before. ¬†(We are primarily a XM Radio household and LOVE the 90s on 9 and Pop2K stations. ¬†It’s enjoyable to re-live junior high, high school, and college through music ūüôā )

As a chronic over-analyzer and what-if-game-player myself, this is my favorite part of the song: ¬†There’ll be plenty of time for what ifs and why’s /¬†And how’d I let you get away /¬†But the lying in bed all stuck in my head /¬†Is just gonna have to wait.

The message is great, and it’s delivered in a fun, upbeat manner. ¬†It can also be totally applied to other areas of life than just relationships. ¬†In the portion of lyrics above, simply switch out the word ‘you’ for ‘it’, and you can be talking about damn near anything – see?

Enjoy the song, and have a great Monday!



(Embedded video pulled from Kenny Chesney’s VEVO site on YouTube. ¬†Totally his work and words – not mine!)