Two Years in the Blogosphere

Two years ago this weekend, I started this blog.


Time sure does fly, doesn’t?

For the most part, I’ve loved writing here 🙂  It’s been fun, it’s been happy, it’s been therapeutic.  I’ve laughed, I’ve smiled, I’ve cried.  Sometimes I get in a groove and write daily fora while; sometimes it seems like more of a chore and I step away from it for awhile.  But I’m still SO happy I did it (and plan on doing so for a long time)!

One of the coolest and most unexpected things that’s happened as a result of sharing the happy on this blog is that it’s allowed me to connect with people in a new and different way.  Some of them I know, some I don’t. Some are my oldest friends, some are schoolmates or former colleagues I haven’t seen in years.  From talking with some of these folks, it’s become clear that this space is no longer just for me, but for others, as well – whether it’s just for fun or because they need some extra happy in their lives, too.

As a fun reflection, I took a look back at my writings and pulled some of my favorite posts.  If you’ve missed any of them or want to check them out again, click the links below.

(And yes, I know there’s a lot of them.  I have a lot of faves.  Don’t have time to read them all?  Bookmark the page and come back to it later 🙂 )

Thank you too all who follow along (and welcome, to anyone who’s here for the first time)!  I look forward to continuing to share the happy 🙂






On the Importance of Writing…

I’ve missed writing.  A lot.  And I wonder why I haven’t made it more of a priority when the simple act of typing on a computer screen can serve so many purposes for me…

Sometimes I write to share fun things.  Or to enjoy memories that make me smile and reminisce.  Or because I want to save a video or news story or lyrics or poem.

Sometimes it’s getting feelings out on paper when you can’t share them aloud.

Sometimes it’s about sorting through your thoughts to help you work through confusion.

Sometimes you need a reset button when you’re feeling down or in a funk.

It’s therapeutic in many ways.  And I think back to why I started this blog.  Here’s an excerpt from my very first post:

Long story short, at the very end of a three-week trip to Europe with my family, I ended up sobbing in a hotel room for quite a long time as a result of feeling completely overwhelmed at all of the crummy things happening in the world.  (I am not normally a crier.)  The few English television stations we had access to were running what seemed like 24/7 coverage of the Charleston shootings, racism in America, and the atrocious dog festival in China.  It seemed like there was literally nothing positive to report on, and I got to a point where I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Yes, part of it was exhaustion and just being ready to get home, but never before had I thought, “The world is such a sucky place right now.”  MAJOR PROBLEM…that’s not me.  I’m generally a pretty positive, upbeat person.  But between the news, the dark thoughts that had crossed my mind, and even more recently the constant bitching and complaining about one thing or another on Facebook, I’ve had it.

So, enter this blog.  Whether it’s a quote I like, a song I find inspiring, a photo that makes me smile, or a story that warms my heart, I’m going to post it here.  This will be a ‘happy place’ of sorts; somewhere that’s completely void of negativity.

‘You know that bad things are gonna happen, right?’  Absolutely – I’m not naive.

‘Don’t you realize that there are serious problems in the world around me?’  Yep.

‘So why are you ignoring them?’  I’m not – I’m just choosing not to focus on them and instead finding the happy🙂

It’s still all true.  There are still crummy things happening (some would argue more now than last year).  Complaining on Facebook feels like it’s at an all-time high with the upcoming US Presidential election (oy).  While I may not be the same person I was last summer – more on that to come in a future post – this blog is every bit as important now as it was then.

So I shall start writing again.  More consistently.  Still focusing on and still finding the happy.

And still enjoying my dang tiara 😀